Arbalon® R-50 cellulose liquid

Cleansing Hair-Care
China Compliant -Formerly CFDA Halal RSPO

A fully activated solution of cellulose that is ready to use. The solution creates a three-dimensional network of insoluble fibers of cellulose that provides yield stress without significantly affecting final or perceived viscosity of the formulation.

Arbalon® R-50 cellulose liquid is a unique and highly functional form of pre-activated cellulose solution characterized by its ability to impart a true yield stress and suspend insoluble particles in personal care formulations while at the same time imparting a minimal negative impact on the final viscosity of the formulation. Arbalon® R-50 cellulose liquid is an eco-friendly alternative derived from microbial fermentation process. Arbalon® products are manufactured by CP Kelco U.S., INC. Arbalon® is a trademark of CP Kelco and is used under license.

Function: <a href='/Personal-Care/Products/Product-Finder?ingredientType=Functional&functions=Suspending Agent'>Suspending Agent</a>

Ingredient Name: <div class="ExternalClassBBB3FCAF34BE4C20B50FD023F70D1D31">Glycerin (and) Cellulose (and) Cellulose Gum</div>

Recommended Use level: 3-10% as supplied

  • Creates a true yield stress that provides reliable suspension of solids/actives with minimal impact on perceived viscosity
  • Disperses easily into most personal care formulations under low mix energy and standard mixing methods
  • High suspension and stabilization of insoluble ingredients enabling formulation versatility
  • Provides formulation diversity: effective in surfactant-based formulations such as body-wash, liquid foam, shampoos, as well as in emulsions
  • Provides high clarity
  • Ready to use - the product is fully activated; no pH adjustment or high shear mixing or heat is required
  • Sustainable / eco-friendly: derived from a microbial fermentation production process
  • Thickens over a broad pH range (pH 4.0-12.0), enabling potential applications with active ingredients at low or high pH
  • Tolerant to a range of conditions, including temperature, surfactants, pH (low and high), and salt levels