Color and style your hair simultaneously with these innovative formulations

This is the trend behind this wide range of innovative 3-in-1  textures and multifunctional styling formulations in playful shades developed by Lubrizol Life Science, Hair Care team.

A temporary hair color with a build-in style boosting properties to immediately achieve a natural, finished look that rinses out at the end of the day. At the heart of Go with the Flow, Hair Makeup & Style formulations is Lubrizol's Carbopol® Style 2.0 polymer, a breakthrough 3-in-1 rheology modifier with inherent, flexible style-boosting properties and broad pigment compatibility.

6 shades and 5 makeup packaging formats available:

  • Red Flash Hair Mascara to highlight hair and create a dip dye effect

  • Duo Quick Pink Glossy Hair Gel Cream and You Go Yellow Hair Chalk customize the look

  • Impulsive Peach Cushion Touch Hair Cream give curled ends natural definition

  • Silver Streak Hair Shine Duster for shinier hair

  • Brisk Black Hair Lotion Sponge Cushion Pen for gray hair coverage. Adds long-lasting volume and hold to bangs and short hair

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