Active Ingredients

Lipotec Skin Care

Founded in 1987 in Barcelona, Spain, Lipotec was acquired by Lubrizol in 2012 and in 2015 became Global Center of Expertise for its Skin Care division.

Lipotec specializes in research, development and production of innovative active ingredients – from peptides, synthetic and biotechnological molecules to botanical extracts - and delivery systems for application in cosmetics.

In 2015, Active Organics® - Lubrizol’s company leader in natural extracts and performance ingredients – was promoted as a brand under the Lipotec umbrella, expanding its active ingredients range to allow for addressing a variety of client’s needs according to the changing consumer demands.

Lipotec offers an unlimited source of active ingredients with proven efficacy to meet every need, which has led to numerous successful products and has positioned Lipotec as a leader in its category for the continuous advance of the cosmetic industry.

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