A selection of unique botanicals from around the world - obtained through the sustainable Phenobio™ subcritical water technology - prized for their natural beauty-enhancing values.


Actismart™ SW apricot

Actismart™ SW beech

Actismart™ SW glasswort

Actismart™ SW inmortelle

Actismart™ SW kiwi

Actismart™ SW lemon thyme

Actismart™ SW maritime pine

Actismart™ SW saffron   


Actismart™ SW chamomille

Actismart™ SW green tea

Actismart™ SW cucumber

Green technology behind eco-friendly extraction

Low water and energy consumption, short process using natural solvents and pollution prevention... these are some of the benefits of the extraction method used that allows biomolecules to quickly be extracted from a plant source and concentrated without degrading or oxidizing them.

Phenobio subcritical water technology, when water stops being water, amazing things happen

UN Goal-15 Life On Land

UN Sustainable Development Goals: Less waste/circular economy/No impact on biodiversity

Lubrizol Life Science Sustainability

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