Hair Care Thermal Protection

Great Style and Healthy Hair

Increasing global sales of heat styling tools confirm that using heat to style hair has been growing in popularity in recent years, and has in fact, become a part of the daily grooming routine of many people. However, frequent exposure to heat can severely damage hair resulting in an unhealthy appearance. With consumers unwilling to sacrifice style for healthy-looking hair, the demand for products that offer heat protection benefits has also been growing steadily.

No need to compromise thanks to Lubrizol heat protection solutions for hair

Create the look you want with heat styling and prevent hair damage. Merquat polymers protect hair from high temperatures leaving it stronger and less susceptible to breakage, while also providing long lasting straightening without frizziness. These high molecular weight polymers form a smooth and heat resistant film that acts as a protective barrier and provides substantial thermal protection benefits to consumers seeking styled, yet healthy-looking hair.