Clear Blue Agave Shampoo with Vitamin E Beads

Hair Care


What if you could have a shampoo that not only provides a deep cleansing but also has amazing aesthetics? This clear shampoo gives you all this! Thanks to Carbopol® Fusion S-20 polymer you will be able to create stylish crystal-clear shampoos that will stand out from your competition. Carbopol® Fusion S-20 polymer, an inherently biodegradable rheology modifier, provides thickening, a smooth texture, and suspension of Vitamin E beads, which will enhance the look of your formulation. In addition, this formulation contains Sulfochem™ ES-2PSB-ULD surfactant that not only provides excellent foaming but also has a very low 1,4-dioxane level. Chembetaine™ CAD surfactant enhances foam texture and volume. Merquat™ 3330PR polymer improves wet and dry feel as well as combing properties. Actiphyte™ blue agave GL may improve hair manageability. The vitamin E microcapsules, give a visually appealing look and may provide antioxidant properties thanks to the presence of Vit. E. You can have a playful piece of art in your bathroom!

Formulation Features

Appearance: Clear, Suspended particles

Form: Liquid