Slow Aging Face & Hand Cream

Facial Care


Rich, velvety and non-greasy texture cream. Easy spreading and fast absorption, with Lapagyl™ advanced botanical ingredient, which helps promote a slower aging process and an increased skin longevity, leading to a radiant, younger and better-looking appearance. The emulsion contains Carbopol® Ultrez 20 polymer and Novemer™ EC-2 CC polymer, which provide viscosity and stability to this system and bring luxurious sensory without tackiness. Schercemol™ SHS ester, waxy solid emollient melting at the surface of the skin works in association with Schercemol™ 318 ester, a highly emollient ester, exhibits lubricity without oiliness and both create a melting cascading profile during application.

Formulation Features

Appearance: Opaque

Form: Cream