Silky Lightweight Foundation

Color Cosmetics


An ultra-lightweight foundation gives skin an instantly smooth, shine-free, matte finish that easily builds to medium to full coverage. Undetectable on the skin to always look like you. Matrifuse™ S-1 dispersant reduces formulation viscosity and enables the loading of high levels of pigments with a good dispersion for a full coverage. Glucate™ DO emulsifier acts as a co-stabilizer with pigment dispersant properties. Schercemol™ NGDO ester provides a silky and powdery feel. Matmarine™ biotech ingredient G improves the appearance of oily or combination skin while Fensebiome™ peptide reinforces urban and sensitive skin through skin barrier protection.

Formulation Features

Appearance: Matte, Opaque, Suspended particles

Form: Cream