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COVID-19 Has Consumers Giving Synthetics a Second Look

Posted by Lubrizol Personal Care on 09/24/2020

The global pandemic is causing consumers to think that clean, safe, and sustainable synthetics in their beauty and personal care products may not be such a bad thing after all.

Natural ingredients have been the trend, but since they often serve as a food source, they can attract bacteria and bugs, making them tough to preserve. Additionally, their composition tends to change from batch-to-batch based on seasonal effects on the plants from which they’re harvested. Because of this, naturals may not be as safe or reliable as their reputation implies, causing consumers to give synthetics another look.

Synthetic ingredients, made in a lab environment, tend to have a more consistent batch-to-batch composition, since their creation is closely monitored and controlled by trained scientists. This consistency helps them perform more reliably and with more dependable efficacy than naturals. They are also more easily preserved and less prone to bacteria and bugs, making them a cleaner option.

A recent Mintel report, “Personal Care Consumer: Incl Impact of COVID-19” noted that prior to COVID-19, consumer acceptance of preservatives and artificial ingredients was limited due to perceived health risks. “However, the pandemic has caused growing concern surrounding shelf stability and sanitation across CPG categories, causing consumers to scrutinize ingredient safety and evaluate the risk of possible product contamination and expiration more than ever before,” the report found.

As a result, consumers are looking for clean, sustainable products that incorporate safe synthetics in their formulations and have the certifications and transparent scientific evidence to support their claims. This trend is prevalent across hair care and skin cleansing and is expected to persist after the pandemic subsides.

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