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Posted by Dorota Niemczycka on 01/18/2024

Carbopol® Polymers: The True Original.

It’s hard to recall a time when Carbopol® polymers didn’t exist. After all, this groundbreaking technology was pioneered over six decades ago—well before man first landed on the Moon or The Beatles landed at the top of the charts.

Lubrizol has since emerged as the largest supplier of carbomers and acrylate powder polymers in the world, innovating over 100 unique grades and specifications. Applications for Carbopol® polymers reach far and wide, supporting global markets in industries from home, beauty and pharma to petrochemistry and oil.

For Quality and Performance, Carbopol® is Still the One.

Carbopol® polymers have remained front and center for decades—and for good reason. Engineered with varying levels of crosslinking in powder or liquid emulsion form, they inspire boundless formulating opportunities that are both distinctive and functionally diverse.

There are two common denominators for every Carbopol® polymer in the Lubrizol portfolio: uncompromising quality and premium performance. No other polymer delivers such brilliant clarity, easy dispersion and controlled release properties. By providing exceptional thickening, suspension, stabilization and an extensive range of flow characteristics, Carbopol® polymers create unmatched formulating freedom and major competitive advantages.

 Innovating More Sustainably? Check.

As the world evolves, so does the Carbopol® polymer brand. But it’s not enough to simply keep pace with the expectations of today’s savvy, eco-conscious consumers. So, Lubrizol is upping sustainability game with proactive practices that respect the environment while still delivering outstanding quality and performance.

Proud of the Past, Energized About the Future.

Everything Lubrizol has done and will continue to do is driven by passion. We embrace change, welcome challenge, and hold ourselves to the highest possible standards. That’s how Carbopol® became—and will remain—the leading brand in rheology modifiers.

With all the inspiring initiatives happening at this pivotal moment in the brand’s evolution, it seems like the perfect time to unveil a revitalized, new Carbopol® polymers logo and visual identity.

This fresh, new look captures the dynamic, inventive spirit shaping the Carbopol® polymers of tomorrow. And you won’t have to wait long to find out what we mean. Because Lubrizol is about to launch a new Carbopol® polymer that fuses the exceptional performance you expect with a level of biodegradability you’ve yet to see with this technology. Stay tuned for details about both sides of the exciting story!


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