The Techspert and Microcurrent Beauty

Posted by Bianca McCarthy, Ph.D. on 09/04/2023

As technology is becoming more sophisticated in a changing world, consumers want to experience high-tech and cutting-edge innovations in the comfort of their homes. In beauty, this type of consumer has become known as a “beauty techspert,” an individual pursuing the latest innovations in beauty tech and looking for tech-driven solutions to save time and obtain efficient, clinical-grade results. Several high-tech skincare devices now exist, including LED light therapy face masks, ionized oxygen face infusers and cryotherapy facial tools.

Online, two of the most popular searches by techsperts are “facial toning device” and “microcurrent facial.” Let’s take a closer look at how these deliver results and the solutions beauty brands can offer to complement consumer use.

A microcurrent facial consists of a cosmetic treatment where the skin receives low-intensity electrical signals from a beauty or facial toning device that typically has two electrodes on one end. The device delivers electrical stimulation to the skin that leads to a rejuvenating, smoothing and lifting effect with impressive results.

For the consumer loving these facials and related devices, there is an opportunity for brands to formulate solutions that pair with facial toning devices to enhance results. And for the consumer that may shy away from the treatments because of the high initial investment or because their sensitive skin can’t tolerate the tool, there is an opportunity for brands to introduce less expensive and gentler topical alternatives that offer similar effects.

We are monitoring this trend and will continue to update you on the latest with microcurrent facials, the techspert consumer and what’s next in beauty.

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