Lubrizol Plants Trees in Andes Forest and Invites Partners to Join Reforestation Effort

Posted by Dorota Niemczycka on 12/02/2022

As Lubrizol recognizes World Pollution Prevention Day and the global efforts underway to reduce the impact of pollution on our communities, our team members have added over 170 new trees to the Andes Forest by completing a virtual challenge where team outdoor activity was turned into a planted tree.

The winning team, Lubrizol’s Asian Pacific offices, also had a donation made in their name to the Sebangau Peatland Restoration Project by One Tree Planted to support additional reforestation efforts in Indonesia.

The company activity challenge was part of a goal to plant 500 trees and one element of a larger global initiative to restore 1 million hectares of Polylepis forest throughout the Andes in conjunction with overall sustainability efforts and development of our Xpozuki™ biotech ingredient, which offers protection, defense and repair effects to the skin, scalp and hair from exposome-induced damage .

Polylepis forests provide critical ecological benefits and are a potential game-changer for long-term climate resilience. They are the main habitat for more than 20 species of conservation concern, are a major source of South America’s water system including the Amazon basin and contribute to climate resiliency and mitigation.

As we continue our reforestation effort and work towards planting 500 trees, we invite our industry partners to join the effort. Download the atlasGO app and enter ‘xgozuki2022’ to join the challenge. Additional trees will be planted for every outdoor activity completed.

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