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Posted by Bianca McCarthy, Ph.D. on 09/20/2021

Pesky breakouts, unexplained redness and itchy, uncomfortable skin. For many consumers these skin concerns are the norm.

For example, according to “The Prevalence of Sensitive Skin, a 2019 article in the journal Frontiers in Medicine, 60 percent of women globally and 50 percent of men report some degree of sensitive skin. And finds that acne is the eighth most common skin disease worldwide, with the number of people getting adult acne increasing over the last two decades.

Wearing masks over the last year has only added to these skin issues, making finding solutions a priority for each of these consumers.

Lubrizol offers a powerful skin care duo that works to protect the skin to reduce imperfections, pimples and sensitivity. Each ingredient is also CFDA compliant, COSMOS and halal approved, and vegan to meet consumer interest in sustainable, clean skin care.

The first is Matmarine™ biotech ingredient. Obtained from a marine microorganism, this biotechnological extract regulates oiliness regardless of ethnic skin type and reduces sebum and the appearance of pores, while supporting hydration. The second, Uniclay™ biotech ingredient, is a fermentation-based extract derived from a clay microorganism that mimics the effects of clay on the skin to provide cleaner, smoother and more beautiful skin for different ethnicities, while also helping improve self-perception and well-being.

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