PemuPur START polymer

A win-win for the skin

Posted by Maxime Fougere on 08/17/2021

Sure, oil and water don’t naturally mix. That’s why, when it comes to skin and sun care products, a natural solution that ensures stability is such exceptional news for formulators. What’s more, a “natural” solution is great news for skin and sun care consumers who are demanding natural contents that still deliver a refreshing sensory experience.

So where does one find this natural solution? The answer is, at the “START”. Naturally derived PemuPur™ START polymer from Lubrizol Life Science Beauty promises excellent STA-bility and R-efreshing T-exture. The name alone makes the benefits easier to remember!

This naturally derived polymer can be used to achieve excellent emulsion stability while maintaining a light and fresh quick break sensory. Its organic makeup contributes to a high Natural Origin Index and gives skin and sun care brands a readily biodegradable environmental advantage.  

The bottom line? With PemuPur™ START polymer in more skin and sun care formulations, consumers will be happy to see more “natural” terminology on product labels and still enjoy how pleasing their formula feels when applied. Now there’s a win-win for the skin!

Maxime Fougere

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