Lapagyl™ advanced botanical ingredient supports women entrepreneurs in Paraguay

Posted by Bianca McCarthy, Ph.D. on 07/22/2021

Developing ingredients with as little impact to the environment and natural sources as possible is becoming the new standard of the personal care industry.

But our obligation shouldn’t end there. Whenever possible, we should improve the environment and the communities in which we operate.

That’s the case with Lapagyl™ advanced botanical ingredient, a new oil-based extract that promotes a slower aging process and increased skin longevity. It’s extracted from the bark of the lapacho tree, the national tree of Paraguay, which was known as the “tree of life” by the Incas, who revered it for its healing properties.

LLS Beauty obtains the bark from a joint venture of local communities in Paraguay, including the Paraguay Orgánico association, which integrates companies, non-governmental organizations and producers, and from a group of 20 women called Oñondivepa (“all together” in the native tongue of Paraguay).

These groups collaborate to plant and produce various botanicals, including medicinal plants, cedar, stevia and lapacho, for the benefit of small producers, especially women, in the region. The venture is supported by a United Nations fund that supports female entrepreneurs. The proceeds go to buy plant seedlings and farming tools. They’re also used to purchase lapacho seedlings as part of a reforestation program, which not only benefits the local environment, but sustains long-term employment for these women.

The extraction process is sustainable while the ingredient is of 100% natural origin content and COSMOS approved.

As pleased as we are with the efficacy of Lapagyl™ advanced botanical ingredient, we’re even happier that its production helps support these economic development and sustainability programs in Paraguay.

To learn more about Lapagyl™ advanced botanical ingredient, click here. To learn more about our sustainability actions, click here.

Bianca McCarthy, Ph.D.

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