Enhancing Sun Protection

Posted by Maxime Fougere on 05/03/2021

Summer is about to kick off for the Northern Hemisphere, and with it comes increased consumer awareness of the need for sun protection.

Sun care is one of the fastest-growing categories of skin care due to increasing global awareness of the impact and damage the sun can have on unprotected skin, according to statista.com. Trends are pointing to sunscreen lotions with increasing Sun Protection Factors (SPF), well above 100.

Lubrizol’s Sunhancer Eco SPF booster is an ideal addition for enhancing SPF in sun care formulations. A naturally-derived technology that increases the SPF of sun protection products, it lets formulators reduce the proportion of UV filter ingredients in formulations while maintaining the same level of skin protection.

Due to its distinct size and shape Sunhancer Eco SPF booster also provides a powdery after-feel to formulations. The ability to use fewer UV filter ingredients also tends to improve sunscreen aesthetics and lightness while reducing oiliness and drag.

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