Meet the Minds: Marine Vincendet

Posted by LLS Beauty Technical Team on 02/22/2021

Scientist: Marine Vincendet

Title: Product Development Manager and Actives Application Manager, Lubrizol Life Science Accelerator Program

Years with Lubrizol: 7

Location: Barcelona

Education: Bachelor’s degree in Organic Chemistry and Master’s in Cosmetics and Perfumes, University of Montpellier (Fra.)

Years of experience: 8

Focus: Responsible for all steps of formula development from ideation to final formulation of cosmetic products. Her favorite part of the job, however, is working with Accelerator clients to help them realize their goals and bring successful products to market.

Recent accomplishments: As part of the Accelerator program, she developed a formula for Caps2Go™ capsules, which have been a great success in the marketplace.

Quote: “I developed my interest in chemistry as a little girl helping my father in the vineyard, but I realized during my studies that I was more interested in developing consumer products than in purely theoretical science. This job lets me see the results of my work and that’s enormously satisfying.”

LLS Beauty Technical Team

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