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How to Appear More Rested in Morning Zoom Calls

Posted by Dorota Niemczycka on 08/17/2020

Has our current stay-at-home world somehow made your days longer?

From staying up late to talk with friends and family online, to getting up earlier to participate in work Zoom calls, many are finding staying at home hasn’t led to extra hours of sleep. This can mean not only feeling, but looking, tired as you start the day.

Now wake up skin earlier with Dawnergy™ peptide.

Skin complexion varies throughout the day according to biological rhythms. It tends to have lower barrier function, less water content, and reduced cutaneous microcirculation in the early morning compared to noon. That can result in dry and dull skin, baggy eyes, puffiness, and a fatigued appearance.

At a cellular level, these biological processes are regulated by JARID1a, which activates the cells’ clock genes every morning. Dawnergy™ peptide increases JARID1a and clock gene levels, enhancing the early morning functions of the skin to high-noon performance levels. It also energizes cells and combats fatigue even after a late night.

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