How to be sure you're getting genuine Carbopol® polymers

Posted by LLS Beauty Technical Team on 07/16/2020

Our Carbopol® polymers are in high demand, particularly since they’re popular ingredients in hand sanitizers.

Unfortunately, some companies are taking advantage of that demand by trying to pass off inferior ingredients as Lubrizol Carbopol® polymers. Use of inferior or alternative ingredients will compromise the efficacy of products.

Here’s how to ensure you’re getting genuine Carbopol® polymers:

1. Check to make sure the box has the Lubrizol name and arc logo.

Current box containing proper material

Old box containing expired material

2. Check to make sure the carton has a standard Lubrizol workplace and shipping label.

3. Check to make sure the trademarks are used properly in labeling, e.g. Carbopol® 940 Polymer, Box.

4. Check to make sure the product owner has the order and shipping documentation for its delivery (chain of custody).

Protect your brands and reputation by ensuring you’re using genuine Carbopol® polymers. For a list of our distribution partners, please visit us here.

LLS Beauty Technical Team

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