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Posted by Juliana Mancini Gomiero on 06/23/2020

Consumers are increasingly mindful about what they apply to their hair, wanting cleaner, natural ingredients that provide great results without damage to their scalp and hair strands. Those who dye their hair with permanent hair color also want perfect color that lasts, effectively covers grays and is easy to use for at-home hair coloring.

Until recently, natural options for hair color were minimal; for consumers looking for gray coverage, synthetic dyes were still the best choice. Now the options for nature-based hair color that offer bold, lasting color are growing, including a new ready solution from Lubrizol Life Science - Beauty.

Naturange, a selection of safer, healthier and gentler nature-based permanent hair color formulations, contains naturally derived ingredients and falls at 88 percent on the Renewable Carbon Index. Benefits of Naturange include:

  • Provides a vivid shade result, with perfect gray coverage, gently coloring the hair while protecting against damage.
  • Formulated with up to 88 percent naturally derived Lubrizol proprietary technologies that provide smoothness, softness and soothing benefits to the hair fiber.
  • Free from harsh ingredients, including ammonia, parabens, PPD and not formulated with resorcinol.
  • Easy-to-use with a non-drip, rich and silky cream texture due to the presence of Kelco-Care™ Diutam Gum, a new naturally derived rheology modifier.

Healthy, natural looking color in four vivid shades:

  • Green Tea Black 2.0 Shade
  • Hawaiian White Ginger Brown 4.0 Shade
  • Hibiscus Flower Red 6.6 Shade
  • Chamomile Blonde 10.0 Shade

Contact the LLS-Beauty team to learn more about bringing Naturange to your brand’s product line.


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