June 4th Webinar Celebrating Your Hands

Posted by LLS Beauty Technical Team on 05/28/2020

As the world looks beyond the pandemic and settles into a new normal, one thing is clear:

We will forever be more vigilant in protecting ourselves and our families from germs. Frequent handwashing and sanitizing are here to stay, and consumers are increasingly savvy about the products they use.

Lubrizol Life Science - Beauty offers innovative ingredients and formulation expertise to create the most effective hand cleansers and sanitizers available. From surfactants to popular rheology modifiers like Carbopol® polymer, we offer a full array of products to meet growing market demands.

As for the dryness and irritation that come with constant cleaning and disinfecting, LLS Beauty has that covered, too. Our hand care portfolio includes a full spectrum of humectants, emollients and other quality active ingredients for creams that moisturize, heal and nourish damaged skin. So, no matter what our hands go through, they get all the love they deserve.

Join us for a webinar on June 4th at 9AM CEST and 5PM CEST (11am EST) to learn more about our vast portfolio of ingredients designed to meet consumer need for clean, protected and nourished hands.

LLS Beauty Technical Team

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