Minimalist Beauty Requires the Right Ingredients

Posted by Dorota Niemczycka on 03/10/2020

Minimalist Beauty Requires the Right Ingredients

At first blush, “skip care” sounds counterproductive to beautiful skin.

“Skip care” is the nickname given to the newest trend in skincare, one that recognizes beauty’s overall move to minimalism and simplicity. Of course, it doesn’t mean consumers should stop cleansing, moisturizing or using sunscreen. Instead, it calls for shortening those complicated, time-consuming, 10-step, K-beauty routines that have dominated skincare regimens for years.

The industry is recognizing that consumers don’t have the time for long, involved skincare treatments – at least not every day. Not only does practicing minimalist beauty save time in the morning, evening and before going out, it also eliminates expensive and superfluous products. Using fewer products also reduces waste in production and disposal, helping consumers live more sustainable lives.

Consumers are looking for beautiful results from fewer steps involving fewer products. Of course, no matter how much consumers pare down their regimens, they will never abandon the goal of appearing more youthful and attractive. That means there will continue to be a market for products that can deliver on that promise.

And, if consumers are going to use fewer products, it’s important that they use ones with effective, multifunctional ingredients that can deliver the same results they’re used to receiving from more complicated skincare regimens.

Providing consumers with these new, highly efficient ingredients and formulations is a challenge Lubrizol has gladly accepted. You’ll soon hear more about what we’ve been up to.

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