Accelerator Beauty Shotz™ serums

Posted by LLS Beauty Technical Team on 03/03/2020

Let your consumers call the shots -- freshly-mixed serums that give skin what it needs, when it needs it.

With Lubrizol Life Science Beauty Shotzserums, consumers choose the solution that provides exactly what their skin needs at the time. Each naturally derived formula creates a light, pleasant sensation and absorbs quickly into the skin.

After selecting a serum, the user gently pushes down on the cap to release the ingredients into the bottle; gives it a few quick shakes to mix; and voila! They’ve created a week’s worth of formula that’s ready to use.

Beauty Shotzserums come in five formulations:

  • youth boost – reduces the appearance of wrinkles, enhances elasticity and firmness
  • shade + detox – protects against outdoor and indoor light damage, detoxifies to prevent signs of premature aging
  • glowify – diminishes the appearance of age spots, brightens and evens skin tone
  • care + protect – nourishes and strengthens skin barrier, increases moisturization, promotes healthier skin
  • rise + shine – reduces signs of fatigue, brightens dull skin, renews and smooths skin surface

When it comes to packaging Beauty Shotz serums, brands can choose to include window labels; iridescent or matte finishes, as well as textured labels. The combinations with these options are limited only by a brand’s creativity.

To learn more about how to add Beauty Shotzserums to your product line, contact us today. To learn more about Accelerator, visit us here
LLS Beauty Technical Team

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