Accelerator Program Provides the Edge in Market

Posted by LLS Beauty Technical Team on 01/30/2020

In the competitive business of cosmetics and personal care products, being first to market with the best ingredients is crucial to success.

That’s why Lubrizol Life Science (LLS) has created its Accelerator Program. It gives our customers everything they need to concept, develop, manufacture and market new products in record time while working with a single partner.

LLS has helped many clients bring new products to market, but the Accelerator Program packages all the necessary services into a streamlined approach with multiple benefits:

  • Flexible partnership – Because of its size, experience and resources, LLS is an expert in all aspects of product development. We can provide clients with everything to take a new product from concept to shelf.
  • Active ingredients – We are a comprehensive and unmatched source of active ingredients. From peptides to marine biotechnology, we have the actives which are key to strong formulations that tell stories to consumers.
  • Process – The Brand Accelerator seamlessly integrates and coordinates all aspects of the product development process, from proprietary research and formula development to custom packaging and delivery.
  • Add-on services – We also provide additional services, such as consumer insight research and in vivo testing of ingredients for additional confidence in going to market.
  • Speed to market – Working with a single partner eliminates delays caused by multiple vendors and suppliers, allowing your product to make it to market faster than ever before – and ahead of the competition.
  • Global resources – Lubrizol is an international company able to assemble resources and expertise from across the globe to support your product’s development and release.
The Lubrizol Life Science Accelerator Program is the expert, nimble beauty partner your company needs to get winning products to market before your competitors do. To learn more, contact us today or visit us here.
LLS Beauty Technical Team

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