ACTIGYM marine ingredient

A Secret Personal Trainer

Posted by Dorota Niemczycka on 04/09/2019

A Secret Personal Trainer

ACTIGYM™ marine ingredient


As consumers embrace a more active lifestyle that includes regular body and facial exercise, they are becoming more interested in skin care products that can enhance or prolong the effects of their effort. That’s where our ACTIGYM™ marine ingredient comes in!


ACTIGYM™ is an active ingredient obtained through biotechnology from a microorganism found in

Bermuda that mimics the effects of exercise training to remodel body and facial shape. It induces adiponectin release from adipose tissue, enhancing metabolism of type I muscle fibers and mitochondrial activity.


ACTIGYM™ is known for its efficacy in toning the body, but a new in vivo study shows it can also help obtain a slender neck and a more defined V-shaped face.


A recent clinical study was performed on female volunteers aged 39-59 years old with flaccidity on the chin. One group of volunteers applied a cream with 5% ACTIGYM™ to their skin twice a day for 56 days and did no physical activity. A second group also applied the active cream at 5% twice a day for 56 days along with twice a week doing facial exercises with a personal trainer.


After only 28 days of treatment with ACTIGYM™ the double chin contour area decreased up to 9.9% and up to 11.1% when combined with facial exercises. Facial contour was also reduced up to 17.2% in this area at the end of the active treatment without exercise.


In addition, volunteers were asked for self-assessment feedback and they all reported a very positive response on the sculpting effect on the facial contour and double chin. Examples of feedback from participants only using ACTIGYM™ include:

  • “It is a good firming cream with a pleasant texture. With two daily applications (morning and night) the results are visible in just one week. I loved it.” Alicia - 48 years old.


  • “I liked the product they gave me because I noticed that my skin became firmer on both the face and the neck after the use of the cream, the overall appearance is much younger, nourished, elastic…The oval of the face became more defined.” Elena – 59 years old.


Experience the results for yourself, request a sample formulation and then talk to us about how to incorporate ACTIGYM™ into your product line.

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