The Essence of Mythic Trees

Posted by Dorota Niemczycka on 05/22/2019

New ACTISMART™ Extracts

Throughout history, trees have been revered in many cultures, considered sacred symbols and appearing in numerous myths and legends. Today, trees are celebrated for their ability to protect and beautify the skin.

Our new Essence of the Mythic Trees collection includes two oil-based botanical extracts -- ACTISMART™ mistletoe and ACTISMART™ yuzu. They join our line of ACTISTMART™ extracts, an assortment of unique botanicals selected from different regions of the world, prized for their beauty-enhancing, spiritual and natural benefits.

The Druids worshipped mistletoe for its medicinal properties and miraculous powers. It was also believed to offer protection, heal wounds and cure illnesses. Now with ACTISMART™ mistletoe, consumers can restore damaged skin at home.

ACTISMART™ mistletoe in in vitro studies showed an upregulation of type IV collagen gene, a boost in type IV collagen synthesis and an increase in extracellular matrix density.

The second extract, ACTISMART™ yuzu is taken from the yuzu tree, a cold-resistant citrus tree found in Japan. According to Japanese tradition, on winter solstice people take a bath with yuzu fruits. It is believed that the fruit warms the body, wards off winter colds and helps heal chapped skin. ACTISMART™ yuzu now also helps to repair the skin barrier and prevent cells from dehydrating year-round.

ACTISMART™ yuzu in in vitro studies showed an upregulation of stratum corneum genes, cornified envelope lipid content after cold stress and cold and dehydration protection.

To learn more about the Essence of Mythic Trees extracts and the full line of ACTISMART™ extracts, contact a Lubrizol representative.
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