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Posted by LLS Beauty Technical Team on 02/13/2019

Embrace the curl. It’s become a popular mantra among curly-haired men and women around the world in recent years who are choosing to love their curls instead of forcing them into straightness.

And heading into 2019 the trend doesn’t seem to be losing appeal. Refinery29 recently shared “International Hair Trends You Won’t See on Instagram” and Glamour talked about “Incredible Hair Trends From Around the World that We’ll All Be Wearing in 2019.” They say curly hair, from slightly wavy to coily, is particularly in vogue right now in Brazil, Puerto Rico, South Africa, South America, the United Kingdom and India.

More than 60 percent of the population has wavy, curly or coily tresses, according to the 2017 TextureTrends survey by TextureMedia, and they are spending twice as much on products as straight-haired consumers. Even after finding their “holy grail” products, 91 percent of textured-hair women continue to look for new products to address their top concerns such as dryness, frizz, detangling, hair growth and styling options.   

Consider adding these products to your hair care line to address these top textured hair challenges:  

  • Pre-Shampoos and Cleansing Conditioners – Shampooing hair can be drying. As a result, consumers are looking for ways to make the process the least damaging. There has been an increased interest in pre-shampoos that provide a protective layer and add further nourishment to the hair before washing. Consumers are also becoming more interested in cleansing conditioners that strip hair of less moisture than the traditional shampoo.

  • Specialized Conditioning Treatments – Curly hair can be drier and more damaged compared to other types of hair because oil from the scalp doesn’t travel as easily down hair strands, resulting in the need for extra care, nutrition and conditioning. Integrating products for daily and weekly deep conditioning can help. Examples of formulations from our team in this category include the Solid Oil Mask for Curly Hair, an emollient emulsion for deep hair conditioning; the Cationic Combing Cream for Curly Hair, a perfect no-rinse conditioning treatment; and A Drop of Conditioning Silicon Free for Curly Hair, a concentrated fluid that promotes extraordinary conditioning for curly hair.

  • Styling Products Designed for Curly Hair – From emollient gel creams to fixative jelly, shine serums and balms, styling products that enhance shine, minimize frizz and maximize curl bounce help to round out any curly haired product line. 
Contact us for more information about our line of ready-to-market formulations for curly hair.
LLS Beauty Technical Team

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