Custom is the New Consumer

Custom is the New Consumer Type

Posted by Lindsay Lipp on 01/18/2019

The Desire to Make It Yours

The demand for personalized products has reached new heights. Across every industry, brands are finding new ways to adapt to a culture that’s powered by individuality and speed. A one-size-fits-all approach is no longer acceptable—consumers are tired of sifting through crowded shelves of products that are irrelevant to their needs. One personalized product with guaranteed efficacy is preferred over a broad range of product options that might not work.

This has led many brands to shift from guided to customized experiences. With 31% of consumers agreeing that the word “individuality” defines luxury, it’s clear that there is instant value bestowed on an item that is yours—and only yours. From designing fabric for custom furniture to formulating hair care products specific to one’s hair type, consumers are placing high value on personal and custom items that allow for individual expression.

Magic for Every #Mood

Beyond self-expression, brands are searching for ways to make customized products more dynamic, able to adapt to users’ needs in real time. Lubrizol’s Magic Rainbow Facial Cleanser Beans do just this by allowing consumers to choose the skin and sensory benefits that suit their of-the-moment cleansing needs. Each water-free, solid bean is uniquely designed to easily crush into a powder in hand and generate foam upon the addition of water and friction. One package features four different cleansers to choose from, allowing the user to select their facial cleanser based on time of day, climate changes, mood and more—all within one convenient pack. The product is lightweight, leak-proof and perfect for travel.

Lubrizol’s Customizable Shower Smoothie Bar

Tapping into the insights and trends of today’s marketplace, the Lubrizol Personal Care team developed a customized experience for our own customers. At  NYSCC Suppliers’ Day 2018, Lubrizol Personal Care proudly hosted a customizable Bath and Shower Smoothie Bar. Each visitor was given the opportunity to customize their own cleanser using Lubrizol ingredients. They were encouraged to choose a base, a foam or afterfeel booster, and a blend of actives that best served their individual skin needs. Participants enjoyed learning about the capabilities of our ingredients in this engaging, hands-on, personalized demo.

  • Step 1: Choose a base | Make a body wash, facial cleanser or hand soap
  • Step 2: Choose a booster | Enhance the foam performance or afterfeel sensory
  • Step 3: Choose an active | Add a blend of actives that best suits one’s skin care needs.

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