ARGIRELINE Still Sets the Standard

Posted by Dorota Niemczycka on 12/12/2018

When Lipotec launched the ARGIRELINE® peptide in 2001 it knew it had created something special.

Ten years in development, ARGIRELINE® was the first peptide in the market to combat expression wrinkles. It was a sensation as cosmetics manufacturers rushed to include it in a variety of products and consumers realized there was a wrinkle-fighting option that didn’t involve needles and toxins.

Nearly two decades later, ARGIRELINE® peptide is a mainstay in hundreds of skincare formulations and it has become one of those rare cosmetics ingredients for which consumers search by name. That’s because their own experiences confirm what research has found: When tested in vivo on a panel of volunteers, ARGIRELINE® peptide shows significant decrease in the wrinkle volume and length after just one week.

Wrinkle volume diminished by 20.6% and length by 15.9%, on average, which are statistically significant results. Other parameters used to describe wrinkles, like roughness and depth, were also decreased as proved in further clinical studies.

It’s no wonder ARGIRELINE® peptide has demonstrated extraordinary staying power in an industry in constant pursuit of the next new thing. It works. It’s that simple. Its users might not be familiar with the testing cited above, but they see the evidence daily in the mirror. That’s why they continue to look for it in the skincare products they trust.

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