Meet the Minds

Meet the Minds - Jessica Becker

Posted by LLS Beauty Technical Team on 11/09/2018

Lubrizol Personal & Home Care innovation would not be possible without our brilliant scientists and researchers. This is the second article in a series of profiles of the men and women behind our products.

Scientist: Jessica Becker

Title: Technical service chemist, skin care

Years with Lubrizol: 11

Location: Brecksville, Ohio

Education: B.S., Chemistry, Cleveland State University

Years of experience: 12

Focus: Providing technical support to customers on formulation and ingredient questions. Working with different Lubrizol teams to provide customers with complete product formulations. She and others help Lubrizol set itself apart in the industry with their unmatched ability to deliver sought-after product textures to customers.

Recent accomplishment: Helping incorporate the new Oilkemia™ 5S polymer into customers’ products, as well as into Lubrizol complete formulations. “It’s an exciting new rheology modifier with a lot of potential for different skin care products. It offers outstanding clarity and suspension,” she said.

“Jessica does an excellent job at understanding customer challenges from their point of view. She excels at drawing on her own formulation expertise, as well as that of her colleagues, to deliver meaningful solutions to difficult challenges that need to be solved in a short period of time,” said Bryan Moran, Lubrizol North America Skin Care Application Manager.

Quote: “The best part of the job is being able to help customers. When you have a customer who is really looking for help and you’re able to provide them with the information, that’s a great feeling.” 

LLS Beauty Technical Team

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