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Carbopol® polymers Celebrate 60 Years

Posted by LLS Beauty Technical Team on 10/17/2018

This summer, The Lubrizol Corporation celebrated its 90th anniversary. Our celebration has placed great focus on our consistent delivery of superior performance benefits and how they optimize the quality of customer products. This opportunity has allowed us to reflect on one of the many technologies that has created a positive, global impact. Celebrating 60 years of delivering rheology modifiers, Carbopol® polymers have been the differentiating ingredient in countless innovations within the personal care, home care and health care industries. From its brilliant clarity and copious foaming capabilities, to its easy dispersion and controlled release properties, Carbopol® polymers have become the game-changing ingredient in personal, home and health care products.

President of Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Rick Tolin, notes a specific instance of how Carbopol® polymers and its unique capabilities impacted markets on a global scale. “In 2009, the world experienced the H1n1 pandemic. Carbopol® polymers played a vital role in sanitization and helping to prevent the virus from spreading as it was a key component utilized in alcohol-based hand sanitizers. This innovation helped lead to a shift in personal health and hygiene. The versatility and unique functionality of the Carbopol® brand has done and will continue to do a lot for our customers, and consumers and Lubrizol in the next 60 years.” Dedicated to innovation and technology improvement, this is only one of many breakthroughs that has led to Carbopol® polymers success as a pioneer brand in the rheology modifier market.

As businesses push to launch products suited for more active, sustainable lifestyles, Lubrizol uses teams of experts to research, develop and expand Carbopol® polymers capabilities to best serve our customers. These new launches will benefit customers production processes, sustainability profiles and increase operational savings.

Vice President and General Manager of Personal, Home and Health Care, Deb Langer, states the expansive impact Carbopol® polymers have made over the last 60 years. “Carbopol® polymers touch two-thirds of consumers globally. All without them even knowing it. From shampoos and toothpastes to hand sanitizers and controlled-release of active pharmaceutical ingredients, we have become a holistic cornerstone in personal care and health care.”

In touch with the latest trends in personal, home and health care markets, Carbopol® polymers have allowed our portfolio to meet the needs of an ever-changing market. Expanding our offerings to meet the demands of our customers and end-users, our Carbopol® portfolio includes everything from powders to liquids. This provides an array of benefits, including wide pH range compatibility and high electrolyte tolerance that is ideal for flow patterns. Additional benefits include:

-Diverse viscosity offerings for unique texture and sensory benefits

-Wide range of pH and electrolyte tolerance for formulation flexibility

-Ease of dispersion for efficient processing and increased safety

-Highly-effective controlled-release properties for low-concentration tablets

To learn more about Carbopol® polymers and how it impacts the personal, home and health care markets, visit our website Lubrizol.com/personal-care or contact a Lubrizol representative today. 
LLS Beauty Technical Team

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