Electro-Rite® BD020 Binder & Dispersant

Electro-Rite® BD020 polymer is a synthetic acrylate binder and dispersant for use in lithium-ion battery construction. It is compatible with and effectively disperses carbon and silicon/carbon in anode matrixes, as well as ceramics in separator coatings, yielding a strong binder with excellent adhesion, limited flexibility and low electrolyte swellability. Electro-Rite® BD020 polymer also has utility as a primer coating for use on anode and cathode electrodes.

Features and Benefits

  • Aqueous acrylate binder for use in electrode or separator primers and coatings
  • Excellent dispersibility of carbon and carbon/silicon materials
  • Excellent slurry stabilities for coating electrode or separator films
  • High adhesion to electrode materials
  • Stable electrochemical properties


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