Chemoxide™ LO surfactant

Chemoxide™ LO surfactant is a low color and odor, nonionic surfactant used as a secondary or primary surfactant due to its high flash foam and hydrotropic properties. It is compatible with anionic, nonionic, and amphoteric surfactants. Chemoxide LO surfactant exhibits good tolerance to electrolytes which permits improved performance in hard water. Enhanced foaming at lower pH ranges makes Chemoxide LO surfactant an ideal foam booster for low pH cleaning formulations including automotive care, dish care, fabric care, laundry detergents, and surface cleaners. It has no added preservative.

Features and Benefits

  • Forms stable bleach systems
  • Good electrolyte tolerance
  • Good performance in hard water
  • Lime soap dispersant
  • Low odor and color
  • Provides stable foaming properties within a pH range of 5-12
  • Viscosity builder


  • Dish Care: Liquid, Manual Dish
  • Surface Care: Cleansers, Multipurpose, Window and Glass


  • Cleaning