The Home Care business of Lubrizol Life Science offers the products and services of Warwick Equest, an industry leader in supplying “natural” consumer stains.

Featuring a comprehensive portfolio of test products, Warwick Equest supplies an extensive range of stained fabrics to detergent and allied industries worldwide.

Focused on Test Fabrics

Warwick Equest can apply a wide variety of stains to a range of fabrics. Our stains use real consumer products and represent real-life washing problems relevant to the end consumer. 

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Our aim is to deliver cost effective products and flexible services to assist your business development.  

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Soiled Laundry

The presence of soil in a wash affects the stain removal performance of a detergent. So to mimic as closely as possible consumer habits and practices in a laboratory, real consumer soiled laundry items are often included in performance testing. Such items help understand stain removal under more consumer relevant wash conditions. We can supply these articles to you.

Swatch of Fabric Stains for Testing

Multi-Stain Monitors

A swatch stained with a selection of stains (up to 16) is known as a multi stain monitor. Using this product reduces the time taken to tag swatches onto backing cloths before using in performance testing compared to using individual stains. Color measurement is more rapid using a multi stained swatch. Multi-responsive set of stains are also available on carpets, including polypropylene carpet.
Gravy Stain Test Fabric

Natural Stains

Using stained test fabrics in lab testing will help you understand technically how well a laundry detergent formulation performs against competitive products or alternative development prototypes. We provide a range of natural consumer relevant stained test fabrics to help you assess stain removal performance.

  • Enzyme responsive stains
  • Bleach responsive stains
  • Detergency responsive stains
  • Particulate responsive stains

Specialist Services

Our range of specialist services can assist you in product development and gaining a broader understanding of your markets. Retrieval of competitors products and manufacture of product demonstration kits for use in supermarkets to demonstrate new product benefits and initiatives both help tailor products to consumer needs.

Natural stains are available from Warwick Equest to conduct the detergent test protocol as recommended by AISE.

The stains used within the performance testing protocol are commonly known as the AISE set and the natural stains stipulated are available from Warwick Equest. Stains are available individually or as a multi-stain monitor.

Warwick Equest can work with you to develop specific laboratory test products to suit your requirements. This may include the use of new stain types (customer supplied), new stain applications or new fabric substrates.

One aspect of laundry detergent performance is its ability to prevent greying of white fabrics over multi-cycle washing. Greying is caused by dye transfer or redeposition of soil or fugitive dyes.

To evaluate greying in the laboratory, the addition of new, clean fabrics to the wash cycle is common practice. The whiteness of the fabrics is compared before and after washing to quantify the greying effect. A selection of new, clean fabrics are available at Warwick Equest to assess greying (terry toweling, knitted cotton, woven cotton, polyester, polyester cotton).

Consumer relevant solutions that are easy to use and provide a time and cost efficient alternative or pre-screening solution to current testing methods.

Evaluated by performing a series of wash tests under European ADW conditions using an in-house prepared detergent and commercially available enzymes.

Broad evaluation based on desired conditions or responses, such as enzymatic response of tough soils. Currently commercially available monitors include Egg on Steel, Crème Brulee on Ceramic and Tea on Porcelain.

  • Machine manufacturers
  • Test institutes
  • Detergent supply chain
  • Detergent manufacturers

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