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Guidewire Jacket Solution Utilizing Custom Polymer Formulation and Precision Extrusion

Market: Interventional Cardiology

Product: Interventional Guidewire

Application: Coronary and Peripheral Interventions

Company: Top 10 Medical OEM

Device Class: II

Material Platform: Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) with radiopacifier

Customer Need:

A leading medical device original equipment manufacturer (OEM) was facing concerns with their existing interventional guidewire manufacturing process. The OEM’s initiative was to improve the manufacturing consistency with the guidewire tip polymer jacketing process, which utilized a variety of thin-wall extruded radiopaque polyurethane extrusions. Inefficiency and quality issues with the existing component were leading to increased scrap and cost. In addition, the OEM wanted to confirm that the design of their polymer jacket would perform as expected during the manufacturing of their portfolio of guidewire products.

LLS Health Solution:

Excited to address this challenge, the Lubrizol Life Science Health (LLS Health) team first addressed the material composition of the guidewire tip.

As global leaders in development and manufacturing of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), the LLS Health team worked closely with the OEM to understand their material requirements. The team customized a range of materials using Lubrizol’s portfolio of thermoplastic polyurethanes specifically designed for the OEM’s guidewire tip manufacturing process.

The next step included precision extrusion to meet the OEM’s product requirement. With several years of supplying precision extruded components across the global market and expertise in wire jacketing technology, the team was able to exceed the OEM’s expectations for product component quality.

By offering both polymer customization and high-precision extrusion capabilities, the LLS Health team provided a consolidated solution to help to address the OEM’s manufacturing consistency requirements.

Interventional Guidewire Polymer Jacket Formulation & Extrusion

Interventional Guidewire Polymer Jacket Formulation and Extrusion

Final Outcome:

The problem-solving attitude and technical expertise of the LLS Health team helped the OEM continue to manufacture their products with reliable quality and reduced manufacturing scrap. By taking a wholistic approach to address the OEM’s challenge, the LLS Health team demonstrated reliability as a trusted supplier for a critical project.