Med CM Design Solutions

Manufacturing Design Solutions Improve Quality and Reliability

Market: Cardiovascular

Product: Retrograde Cardioplegia Cannula

Application: Cardiac Surgery

Company: Large

Material Platform: Silicone

Key Lubrizol Life Science Health Expertise: Design for manufacturability, extrusion, molding, secondary operations & assembly

Customer Need:

A leading, multinational medical device OEM was experiencing quality and supply issues with their retrograde cardioplegia cannula. Unable to keep up with market demand, the customer felt it was necessary to address the situation by seeking a partnership with a new supplier.

LLS Health Solution:

After meeting with many medical contract manufacturers, the customer was impressed with LLS Health’s technical expertise and manufacturing operations. This led the customer to choose LLS Health as their trusted supplier partner to address their cannula situation. Focused on moving the program forward, LLS Health recommended design refinements that improved manufacturing cycle times, increased repeatability and eliminated an unnecessary additive.

Final Outcome:

The design refinements LLS Health recommended were implemented and resulted in more consistent production, lower manufacturing costs, and a more reliable supply of product. This enabled the customer to meet their market demand as well as achieve their growth goals.