Needle Injection Catheter

Needle Injection Catheter - Tip

Three Needles

The catheter is equipped with three hollow, stainless steel needles curved at 75°. The curvature of the needles allows a safe and controlled puncture depth, ensuring that they do not perforate the tissue.

Moreover, the use of three needles implies a larger surface for accurate injection, thus reducing the number of injections needed, and the time required to complete the procedure.


Metal Distal Tip

A metal distal tip covers the needles.

NIC tip

Imaging Visibility

A radiopaque distal tip provides exceptional visibility of the needles' position with respect to the injection site under fluoroscopic imaging. This ensures accurate positioning and careful injection of the agent.



  • 1400 mm working length
  • 7 Fr guiding catheter compatible
  • Three 0.29 mm needles curved at 75°
  • Dead volume less than 0.5 ml