Kapsus Transseptal Puncture - Handle


The Kapsus’ handle has been designed to fit easily into one’s palm. It has a simple and small handle, yet large enough for easy operation. The handle comprises all functions united in an elegant design. It consists of several sections that either work together or independently, depending on the stage of the procedure.

Safety Lock

The safety lock is a mechanism preventing premature puncture. When the physician is ready, the lock can be easily removed and discarded so that the needle may be engaged.

Orientation Indicator

The orientation indicator is a small arrow-like piece of the handle that indicates the current orientation of the needle. This is a secondary assurance that the needle is in the correct orientation before puncture, also giving additional control when twisting the handle.

Priming Wheel

The priming wheel is a roller that is easily manipulated to change the needle's angle of attack. It allows controlled adjustment, increasing the precision with regard to variation of the angle.

Guide Wire Insertion

The guide wire traveling through the right to the left atrium is inserted in the luer connector on the back of the device and allows the guide wire to enter seamlessly and travel all the way to the left atrium without any additional steps necessary during the procedure.

The Kapsus device for transseptal puncture is an investigational device not available for sale at this time.

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