Create Smarter with Engineered Polymers

Engineered Polymers Helps You Create Smarter

Our Create Smarter goal is owned across the organization.  We focus on the handprint of our products and the impact they have after they leave our gate, whether in customer manufacturing, in consumer use, or post-consumer.

As we integrate life cycle thinking into product development and portfolio management, we are building sustainability considerations into the performance properties of our products. 

Life cycle thinking and the tools that contribute to increasing the circularity impact of our products help us to better partner with customers and the industry in designing for more sustainable outcomes.

We Help Our Customers Achieve Their Sustainability Goals

Our commitment to life cycle thinking helps our customers achieve their sustainability goals in four critical areas:

Design Responsibly

  • Using responsibly sourced, renewable raw materials, and minimizing environmental impact at the end of a product’s life

Eliminate Waste

  • Increasing recyclability and avoiding waste through use of recyclable content, and through ingredients that improve yield or reduce scrap

Produce Responsibly

  • Enabling lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in customer manufacturing through lower carbon footprint material solutions that increase energy and production efficiency 

Enable Greater Use

  • Providing materials that improve durability and resilience, which can extend the useful life of final products, as well as opportunities for re-use.