PPF Brand Owners and Coaters

3 Things to Consider When Specifying TPU for PPF Applications

Maximize the value from your TPU by considering these 3 things:  

1. Long-Lasting Performance

An essential ingredient in PPF, TPU must deliver on three primary performance attributes:

  • Aesthetics: Maintain showroom-level vehicle appearance with non-yellowing clarity, self-healing properties and stain resistance
  • Durability: Keep vehicle surfaces attractive through enduring impact strength and elasticity while protecting against environmental exposures
  • Conformability: Flex easily for ease of installation and conform easily to complex shapes and surfaces

2. Processing and Applications Support 

Having access to materials science expertise, advanced analytical tools and the ability to customize test methods is important when specifying a TPU supplier. This is particularly the case when it comes to custom engineering material solutions that push the envelope on ever-greater performance metrics, or perfecting existing ones.

3. Supply Chain Reliability

For PPF manufacturers, ensuring consistent quality in performance and aesthetics is critical to keeping downstream customers satisfied – and protecting a brand’s reputation by proclaiming assurances of quality and performance with confidence.

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