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ESTANE® TPU Solutions for PPF Brand Owners & Coaters

The Preferred Paint Protection Film Ingredient

ESTANE® TPU-based paint protection films are best positioned to maintain showroom-level vehicle appearance. Choosing ESTANE® TPU assures consistent, reliable performance and peace of mind for your paint protection film (PPF) products. 

The Advantages of a Solutions Partner

When you choose ESTANE® TPU you get more than just a PPF ingredient. At Lubrizol Engineered Polymers, we do more than deliver TPU that sets the global standard for performance. We also bring market insights, material science expertise and process technology know-how to the table to help our customers grow and succeed. Our engineers and scientists are committed to ensuring downstream customer satisfaction by providing TPU solutions that enhance the look, feel and function of paint protection film. 

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Made with Estane TPU

Made with ESTANE® TPU
Our Made With ESTANE® TPU trademark lets you know  you are getting a consistent, quality, high performance material without substitute.

Solving Problems. Meeting Your Toughest PPF Challenges.

Expanding PPF Possibilities

Meeting Evolving Needs of the PPF Consumer

Find out how to unlock the potential of PPF to meet new customer needs and overcome road blocks to product innovation.

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Value Chain Collaboration

Learn how a graphics wrap film producer benefited from in-depth market research within the value chain for printed graphic wrap films to effectively position its marketing strategy and warranty program.

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Advancements in Predictive Weathering

Discover how compressing years of damaging UV radiation effects into just weeks of testing time allows product developers to quickly confirm data through iterative development with high relative predictability to real life outdoor exposure. 

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EP Driving Growth and Innovation in PPF

Driving Growth & Innovation in the Global PPF Market

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  • Market growth drivers derived from primary research on Chinese consumer preference
  • New testing capabilities that provide a step change in the speed of predictive weathering
  • Benefits of working with a solutions partner with proven expertise in this dynamic market

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What makes ESTANE® TPU the premium choice?

Weatherability: ESTANE® TPU-based paint protection film is UV and element resistant. See how ESTANE® TPU performed in tests after 9 years of equivalent weathering exposure:*

Loss of Tear Strength
Loss of Tear Strength
(ASTM D470)
Change in Haze Chart
Change in Haze
(ASTM D1003)
Change in Yellowness Index Chart
Change in Yellowness Index
(ASTM D1925)

*UV exposure through Eye Super UV

Film engineered with ESTANE® TPU also provides vehicles surface protection with unsurpassed:

  • Optical Clarity - Appears nearly invisible on surfaces
  • Impact Resistant - Protects surfaces from damage
  • Self-Healing - Maintains aesthetics by healing abrasions
  • Wettability - Compatible with adhesives and topcoats