TPU injection molding

Injection Molding

The choices available at Lubrizol are as vast as the injection molding industry itself. We offer materials based on different chemistry formulations, including polyether, polyester and polycaprolactone. Each offers the benefits you need for quality injection molded products: faster crystallization, improved cycle times, greater consistency and reduced yellowing. Our materials also come in a range of hardness options, from 65 A to 120 Rockwell.

You’ll find Lubrizol Engineered Polymers in these types of injection molding applications:

  •  Automotive exterior painted trim
  •  Automotive interior goods
  •  Mass & industrial transportation
  •  Agricultural goods
  •  Sports & recreational goods
  •  Irrigation components
  •  Wheels/rollers/belts
  •  Seals & gaskets
  •  Electronic packaging

Lubrizol Product Solutions for Injection Molding

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