ESTANE® SKN TPU is an anti-blooming, high transparency TPU that provides superior aesthetics, protection and design flexibility for mobile phones and molded parts for electronic devices. Ideal for mobile phone OEMs and polymer processors and molders. 

High Performance

  • Durable, scratch, and crack resistant to help protect mobile devices from damage, accidents and wear

Anti-Blooming & UV Resistant

  • Maintains water-white transparency to help showcase the original mobile device design attributes
  • Defends against yellowing from exposure to sunshine and other UV light
  • Ideal for transparent cases to help mobile devices maintain a superior, clean appearance

Design Flexibility

  • Strong bonding to PC/ABS for flexibility in adapting to different design requirements
  • Good mold-ability to ensure high production efficiency
  • Easy coloring to meet design requirements

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High Transparency Solutions for Mobile Device Protective Cases

Consumers want cases for their mobile devices that deliver protection as well as tactile, visual and artistic appeal. Learn how ESTANE® SKN TPU helps deliver these properties.