Stay Connected TPU Webinar Series for Europe, Middle East, Africa, India

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3D Printing

ESTANE 3D Printing for Multi Jet Fusion. Value Proposition
New ESTANE® grade for Multi Jet Fusion has excellent processing and energy return, check what other benefits this TPU brings to additive manufacturing.

Estane 3D for FFF Additive Manufacturing
Learn more about ESTANE® 3D soft and flexible materials for Fused Filament Fabrication in 3D printing.

Lubrizol 3D Printing Solutions, Your Solution House Provider
Learn more about ESTANE® 3D new capabilities that include from prototyping to mass production, we are equipped to be your collaborative development partner for your consumer and industrial 3D printing needs.


Reactive Hot Melt Adhesives by Pearlbond TPU
Find out how Pearlbond™ TPU brings premium quality and performance to reactive hot melts.

Pearlbond 900 for HMAs
Discover how the color-stable Pearlbond™ TPU grades can outperform other materials in hot melt adhesives in outdoor applications

Specialty Molded Parts

UV Resistant Materials for Molded Specialty Parts
Discover color-stable and non yellowing polymer material for molded parts that need to be under the sun.

High Performing Seals with Lubrizol TPU
Learn about Pearlthane™ special H grades for high demanding seal and gasket applications.


ESTANE® Solutions for Luxurious Automotive Interiors  
Discover the numerous applications inside the car that use TPU due to its high performance and great aesthetics in gear knobs, pads, seats, etc.

Pearlcoat™ TPU in Thermoforming and Coextrusion
Discover a low-gloss polymer solution for coextruded or thermoformed parts that need a durable material.

Wire and Cable

EV Charging Cables
New ESTANE® EV developments cater for the needs of cables in EV charging systems, learn why these are an optimum material alternative.

New ESTANE Solutions for Robotics
Check out the resistance and durability of ESTANE® non-halogenated flame retardant materials for the growing robotic cable industry.

The Future of ESTANE® ZHF TPU for Cables
Check how ESTANE® ZHF (halogen-free flame retardant) TPU has made huge progress in the recent year to bring solutions to cable manufacturers in order to meet the demands of the industry, more stringent every day.

Other Topics

Regulatory Support Lubrizol Advanced Materials
Lubrizol Advanced Materials is a source of regulatory information, our regulatory experts can support your needs for information when it comes to industry norms and certifications.

Enhance PVC Performance
Learn about Pearlcoat™ Dipp 119 TPU and ESTANE® differentiated grades to improve the performance of PVC compounds

ESTANE® Sustainable Solution to Some Rubbers 
Check the alternative to rubber that is breaking new ground: ESTANE® TPU

Estaloc™ RETPU and Isoplast® ETP for Metal Replacement 
Discover how two differentiated materials - Estaloc™ RETPU and Isoplast® ETP - can replace metal and provide extra benefits to various end uses.

Sustainable and Low VOC FOG Polymer Solutions
Lubrizol invented Bio TPU™ and has continued to investigate how to bring sustainable materials to the market, the latest low VOC Fog TPU, check this out to learn more.

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