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Sustainable and Low VOC FOG Polymer Solutions

Lubrizol invented Bio TPU™ and has continued to investigate how to bring sustainable materials to the market, the latest low VOC Fog TPU, check this out to learn more.

ESTANE® Sustainable Solution to Some Rubbers

Check the alternative to rubber that is breaking new ground: ESTANE® TPU


Pearlbond Applications

Pearlbond™ TPU: different methods of application

Find out about Pearlbond™ TPU, learn about its definition and main properties, different types of Hot Melt Adhesives (HMAs), as well as how to apply Pearlbond TPU in HMAs.
Elevating Performance With Pearlstick

Elevating performance in adhesives with Pearlstick™ TPU

First, we explain the essential features of adhesion, and then take a close look at how the formulation and structure of Pearlstick TPU achieves premium bonding performance in the footwear industry.
Pearlstick Technical and Applications

Technical aspects and application fields of Pearlstick™ TPU

Discover how to use Pearlstick™ TPU and its application in different industries.
Reactive Hot Melt Adhesives with Pearlbond TPU

Reactive Hot Melt Adhesives by Pearlbond™ TPU

Find out how Pearlbond™ TPU brings premium quality and performance to reactive hot melts.
Pearlbond 900 Series

Pearlbond 900™ for HMAs

Discover how the color-stable Pearlbond™ TPU grades can outperform other materials in hot melt adhesives in outdoor applications


Calendaring Process Webinar

ESTANE® TPU Processing: Calendaring

Discover how well suited to calendaring processes ESTANE® TPU is, TPU processing made easy.
Powder Coating Process Webinar

ESTANE® TPU Processing: Powder Coating

Powder coating is a simple and flexible process to produce durable fabrics. Learn more about how to process TPU by powder coating.
Film and Sheet Extrusion Process Webinar

ESTANE® TPU Processing: Film and Sheet

Highlighting film and sheet processing guidelines for ESTANE® TPU.
Hose and Tube Process Webinar

ESTANE® TPU Processing: Hose and tube extrusion

Learn more about how to process ESTANE® TPU via extrusion, specifically for hose and tubes' optimum extrusion.
Wire and Cable Webinar

ESTANE® TPU Processing: Wire and Cable

Guidelines for processing ESTANE® TPU for Wire and Cable
Robotics Webinar

New ESTANE® Solutions for Robotics

Check out the resistance and durability of ESTANE® non-halogenated flame retardant materials for the growing robotic cable industry.

Other Topics


Regulatory Support Lubrizol Advanced Materials

Learn more about ESTANE® 3D new capabilities that include from prototyping to mass production, we are equipped to be your collaborative development partner for your consumer and industrial 3D printing needs.

Estaloc™ RETPU and Isoplast® ETP for Metal Replacement

Discover how two differentiated materials - Estaloc™ RETPU and Isoplast® ETP - can replace metal and provide extra benefits to various end uses.

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