X4zol-J Fiber

A World Without Waste

Lubrizol has been an innovator since its beginning in 1928, more importantly a collaborative problem-solving company. This has been a journey, beginning with imagining a zero-waste process internally, then outwardly by collaborating with our partners and brands to imagine a world without waste at the fabric and garment level. We know we can’t do it on our own, that actually excites us as we share the vision and work towards a more sustainable industry with like-minded brands and partner companies.


A World Without Waste

A new era of fabric and apparel circularity is on the horizon, and Lubrizol is here to lead the way.

ISPO 2021 Webinar

ISPO 2021 Live Webinar

Learn more about our revolutionary reactive-extrusion elastomeric fiber that enables the recycling of fabric waste, our constantly evolving applications and test methodologies, and our supporting eco-system of innovative alliance partners.

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