Stretch the Limits in Performance Apparel

Performance Apparel Solutions

Stretch the Limits

in Circularity

We have long recognized the need for a more sustainable approach and solutions in apparel, so we are leveraging the inherent benefit of TPU recyclability**. Together with our knowledge and capabilities in extrusion, molding, spinning, printing and our ability to build partnerships with brands and supply chain partners, the collective is bringing more sustainable materials, recycling, and circular economy models to brands and the supply chain.

in Innovation

Our innovation alliance brings together Lubrizol’s strengths in material science technology with a powerful network of innovative fabric and garment leaders across all fabric constructions (circular, warp, seamless, narrow, woven) and apparel segments.  Together, this alliance brings differentiated technology for improved apparel performance and faster innovation to meet consumer expectations.

in Performance Apparel

We bring a global team, global technical labs and manufacturing, broad technology platforms (fiber, adhesives, film, coatings, foam, etc.), and unparalleled application know-how to enable differentiated solutions for apparel brands and related supply chain partners.

Outstanding Benefits of our Innovative Material Solutions for Performance Apparel

  • Improved performance and durability for abrasive environments
  • Elimination of sewn seams to prevent chafing
  • Hydrophobic (repel moisture)
  • Hydrophilic (absorb moisture)
  • Ability to act as a barrier to keep elements out
  • Flexibility with other additives such as flame retardants
  • Solvent-free and VOC-free options available (Oeko-Tex® Certified)


  • Outerwear: hiking, rock climbing and general outdoor gear
  • Performance Sports: yoga pants, swim wear, excercise apparel, and running/bicycle shorts
  • Intimate Apparel: shape wear and lingerie
  • Smart Apparel: in collaboration with our supply chain partners, we developed a Multi-Tech Commuter Jacket (MTC) that includes comfortable, stretch denim fabric and an inner liner enhanced by our X4zol™-J Fiber Technology

Lubrizol Product Solutions for Performance Apparel

*Bio-based content as certified in accordance with ASTM D-6866
**Recyclability is based on access to a readily available standard recycling program that supports such materials. Products may not be available in all areas.