TPU for electronic packaging

Electronics Packaging Solutions

Lubrizol pioneered materials that meet the most stringent cleanliness and electrical requirements

Lubrizol Engineered Polymers set the new standard for test and design engineers requiring permanent static dissipation without compromising cleanliness. Our permanently static dissipative and conductive sheet thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPUs) are the perfect solution for shipping and handling electronic sub-assemblies, filled circuit boards – any sensitive electronic packaging. Our polymers provide permanent electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection that won’t deteriorate with thermoforming or washing.

Outstanding Benefits

  • Permanent electrostatic dissipative (ESD) protection
  • ESD protection does not deteriorate with thermoforming or washing
  • Sheet is engineered to support the weight of sub-assemblies and maintain excellent durability
  • Multi-layer constructions provide cost-effective, permanent ESD protection

Application possibilities

  • Printed circuit board tracks
  • Thermoformed memory module trays
  • LCD and display shipping trays
  • Electronic sub-assembly trays

Lubrizol product solutions for electronic packaging:

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