Hybrid Engine Oils

Hybrid Engine Oils

Future-Proofed Performance Without the Complexity

Combustion engines within hybrid vehicles operate under different duty cycles and create new lubricating challenges. In a hybrid, the ICE operates intermittently. The result is that the ICE engine in a hybrid tends to run cooler, which poses challenges for engine oils designed to run hotter and continuously.

The different duty cycle of an ICE engine in a hybrid can lead to new problems: higher fuel dilution, water accumulation, emulsion formation, which can then lead to increased wear and sludge. This can hinder engine performance, diminish fuel economy and reduce the life of the engine.

The good news—Lubrizol has done extensive testing to understand the specific needs of hybrid engine oils. And we have solutions today that deliver comprehensive coverage of the most rigorous OEM and industry specifications while still addressing the exact performance needs of hybrid vehicles.

Proven performance. Reduced complexity. Peace of mind. Contact us today and learn how you can best prepare for the growing hybrid market.