Driveline E-Fluids

Driveline e-Fluids

Enabling Better Cooling and Protection

The growth of all types of electrified vehicles—from mild hybrid through to full hybrid, battery electric and fuel cell—is leading to increasingly diverse vehicle drivelines in the market. Each vehicle design requires fluids to lubricate and cool hardware. The fluid requirements differ depending on the specific hardware design.

In a battery electric vehicle, the vehicle is powered solely by an electric motor.  The combination of the electric motor, inverter and reduction gears is termed “e-axle.” Some deploy a “dry e-motor” arrangement, where a water-based fluid indirectly provides the e-motor cooling, and a separate lubricant protects the gears. In a wet e-motor arrangement, the fluid directly cools and protects both the motor and gear reduction unit. There is a trend towards wet e-motor arrangements, which allow OEMs to design more compact and more efficient hardware.

Image of an e-Axle

Lubrizol offers EVOGEN™ driveline e-fluid technologies for both dry and wet motor designs in passenger and commercial vehicles. Lubrizol tailors fluid properties to meet specific OEM electric driveline requirements, allowing OEMs to focus their designs toward even better efficiency and performance. 

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