Plug In Hybrid

The future of transportation is electrified. Are you ready?

When markets change, new opportunities emerge. But not everyone is able to anticipate those changes and bring real-world solutions to market that add real value. The key is finding new ways to leverage what you’ve always done best.

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What you see shapes what you can imagine

When you have the deepest knowledge of surface science, you have a different perspective on what is possible. Our expertise in lubrication, cooling, and surface interactions also shapes how we understand conductivity and the unique challenges of electrified powertrains.

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What you’ve solved improves how you tackle future challenges

When you’ve formulated proven solutions for personal and commercial transportation, industrial applications, immersion fluids, personal and home care products, medical devices—the list goes on—you have the broadest perspective on how to solve new challenges. Our expertise in optimizing performance through lubricant and fluid formulating ensures you differentiate in an emerging market.

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What you can test and validate builds your confidence

When you rigorously test products in the laboratory and in the field, you gain unique insights and validate proven performance. Our expertise in testing brings peace of mind and ensures you take winning products to market with confidence.

A deep knowledge of surface science. A broad perspective on formulating solutions. A passion for testing and validation. That’s the Lubrizol difference. Contact us today and learn how we can partner to build a more electrified future.